At ALCHEMY, we have updated Eastern and Western traditional wisdom and at every consultation, honed the method to each client specifically.


We’ve trimmed the fluff and brought forward the essence of Feng Shui, Numerology, Crystals, Colours and more, to transform any situation.

Numeric Personality & Tarot Consultation
A reading with the cards is the ideal solution to situational dilemmas.
Bundled with our numeric profiling that extracts itself from a complex combination of math, statistics and psychology, you can now approach your problem areas, such as your career, relationship, or health, with unparalleled clarity.
Plot action plans, gain insight into motivations, and identify root issues before things escalate. Available online or in person.
Feng Shui for Homes
We are not only what we eat, but where we live as well. Our environment affects us greatly, and a Feng Shui audit will augment the energy flow of your house to achieve harmony, health and abundance. Live happy and enjoy your home sweet home.
So beginning on a good note can set the tone for what’s to come!  Let us compute your Bazi and set the perfect time for you to renovate and move into your new home.
Feng Shui for Business

We spend a great deal of time at the office, and needless to say there’s always plenty of personalities out there. A Feng Shui audit will not only help eradicate any potential politics, but also aid in overcoming business stagnancy and any obstacles to potential growth and revenue.

When it comes to luck, a business needs it most of all. With so many shifting factors - people, position, purpose, profit - let us launch your new venture to harmony and success with auspicious timings with the relevant Bazi.

Feng Shui Design for Name Cards


First impression counts.  Our name cards represent our brand and identity. It is a banner but also influences your ability to attract success.

We look into the Bazi of key stakeholders and align industry to the design to increase productivity and prosperity.

Auspicious Date Selection for Weddings

Propel your matrimony with the right start! With the couple’s Bazi, we calculate lucky timings, and advise at every step of the way, in alignment with traditional customs for a blessed union start. 

Name Audit & Selection for New Born/Adult

Our name bears more influence on our lives than we suspect. It can steer our paths and change our attitudes. It can also prevent you from achieving the goals you want.


We will analyse your name using multiple Eastern and Western methods, for the most comprehensive report locally, and provide name change recommendations if needed.

Auspicious Business Name Selection

We know a logo can be the face of a business, but the name is just as important. A good company name can pivot an enterprise and steer it towards success.


Acclaim, growth and profit can come, once we put the name through our vigorous Eastern and Western methods, for that perfect professional impression and influence.

Crystal & Colour Divination Consultation

Crystals contain energy, and this has been measured and documented by science. By picking a combination of stones, we explore a future path with you that can guide and illuminate. Available online or in person.


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