Auspicious Talisman known as "Ya Sheng Qian" (压胜钱) is used traditionally to protect those who have direct conflict with the Grand Duke Jupiter "Tai Sui" “太岁” every New Year.


People who have direct conflicts in 2018 are those born in the:


1)  Year of the Dog

2)  Year of the Dragon

3)  Year of the Ox

4)  Year of the Sheep

5)  Year of the Rooster


This Auspicious Talisman is specially crafted and created to attract the following:


1)  Good Luck

2)  Good Health

3)  Success in Career

4)  Prosperity in Money & Finance

5)  Good Results in Education

6)  Protection against negative energies (避免负面能量)

7)  Protection against Tricky People (提防小人)

8)  Protection against Injuries and Natural Disasters (避免血光之灾)

Auspicious Talisman - Year of the Dog 2018

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