Professional Numerology Course

Benefits of Learning Numerology

1.  Discovering who you truly are.

2. Ability to chart your life journey, overcome hurdles and tap into opportunities.


3. Know Your Purpose, Natural Talents and your Niche in life.

4. Understand Life Lessons and tactfully manage them.

5. Able to clearly understood your Destiny or Pupose in Life.

6.  Easily understand people's behaviour patterns with love ones or at work.

7.  Leverage on this knowledge, manage relationships and create Success!

Numerology Foundation Course


Date:  To Be Confirmed

Time:  9.30 am to 5.30 pm

Duration:  2 Full Days

  • Evolution of Numerology throughout the years

  • Are you more masculine or feminine?

  • What are your natural talents and abilities?

  • Discover your suitable career!

  • Learn about compatible numbers in relationship.

  • “Read” a person like a pro!

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Numerology Advanced Course


Date:  11, 18, 25 Nov 2017

Time:  9.30am to 5.30pm/1pm

Duration:  2.5 Full Days


  • Discover the Power of your Name

  • Secrets that your name reveals

  • Hidden psychological patterns of your name

  • Techniques of changing to an Auspicious name

  • Designing a powerful name card that attracts success and opportunities.

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Numerology Professional Course

Date:  To Be Confirmed

Time:  9.30am to 5.30pm

Duration:  3 Full Days

  • Gain insights into the 3 stages of your inner being

  • Chart the journey of your life

  • Be prepared to face hurdles and ways to overcome

  • Mapping and making the best of your Personal Year(s)

  • Learn in depth techniques and interpretation to "forecast" your chart

Please email us using the form below  regarding course fees. 

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