Ser Ming

Certified Consultant

  • Certified Professional Numerology Consultant

  • 专业灵数学顾问(认证)

  • Certified Professional Tarot Consultant

  • 专业塔罗牌咨顾问(认证)

  • Certified Master Feng Shui Consultant

  • 完整风水高级执业顾问(认证)

  • Certified Master [Ba Zi] Fate; Luck Consultant

  • 子平八字高级执业顾问(认证)

  • Certified Face; Palm Reading Application

  • 面相与掌相应用(认证)

  • Certified [Mei Hua] Plum Blossom Divination

  • 梅花易数占卜(认证)

  • Certified 12 Ruling Gua Playing Cards Divination

  • 扑克牌 十二月辟卦(认证)

Ser Ming has a warm personality and enjoys working with his clients to better understand their situations while managing expectations with pragmatic advice.

His logical and disciplined reading style has been largely influenced by over ten years in the corporate life. 

Ser Ming started publicly reading Tarot over ten years ago, and his inquisitive spirit has led him to pursue other metaphysical skills during this time.

His maxim - "a beneficial reading is more relevant than an accurate one” - affirms his passion to continue honing his craft.

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