Co-founder, Consultant, Author, Facilitator

  • Certified Reiki Master

  • 灵气导师 (认证)

  • Certified Aura-Soma Practitioner (Art & Science Int’l Academy of Colour Technologies, UK)

  • 彩色治疗顾问 (英国艺术与科学国际研究院的彩色治疗师文凭)

  • Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment

  • 注册导师和测评师证书

  • Certified Heal Your Life Leadership (Louise Hay)

  • 生命与第三类医学治疗课程导师 (美国著名国际导师 Louise L.Hay  美国认证)

  • Cert. Angel Practitioner (by Doreen Virtue, USA)

  • 天使灵学顾问 (美国著名国际灵术导师 Doreen Virtue博士认证)

  • Certified Numerology Teacher/Consultant)

  • 灵数学(生命密码) 及塔罗顾问/导师/讲师 (美国认证)

  • Certified Crystals and Colours Consultant/Trainer, Australia


Multiple-time radio station speaker, published author, as well as columnist for several publications, Renaye’s knowledge and experience is truly unmatched.

Renaye is a multi-disciplinary consultant who has garnered respect for her work with personal and business clients alike. A published author and regular speaker with radio stations both locally as well as abroad, she holds regular columns in several publications, such as Singapore’s Xin Min Daily, Lian He Wan Bao as well as magazine I Weekly and CLEO. An Acta-certified instructor, Renaye has been conducting corporate and WSQ programmes in her unique, affable way.

Her greatest motivation since founding is to empower people, especially women, by unlocking their unnoticed potential. She also has a perchance to link people up when she sees their romantic potential.

Her affability is only matched by the intense level of insight that has changed the lives of her many clients. Renaye believes empowerment, especially for women, is the way to allow each individual to express their full potential.

What our Clients Say...

"Renaye and Paul Chan have been working with Club Med since 2003, providing consultation services to our commercial office in Singapore and our Club Med resorts in Mauritius, Maldives, Bintan, Bali and Phuket.

Club Med invited Renaye and Paul to attend our events, such as Body & Soul, to add value for our guests in providing numerology, tarot card readings and other personalised readings and forecasts. The response has always been overwhelming and their services are always in very high demand from our guests. In addition, we request Feng Shui analysis for our commercial office as well as personal numerology and astrology reports for our team members.

Renaye and Paul have always been professional, reliable, personable and their services continue to be greatly valued and appreciated. We will continue to welcome Renaye and Paul to work with us at Club Med!”


“Thank you for generously imparting your knowledge and selfless sharing!  Enjoyed learning with wonderful classmates too! Looking forward to Numerology Class!”

-Ivy Toh

“Getting to learn the Tarot under Renaye & Paul and meeting new friends in class have been one of the best moments since I returned to Singapore.  It has been truly enjoyable and it’s amazing how we have all acquired the skills and the ability to read the Tarot within a few months”

-Vanessa Lee

“I hereby wish ALL of us a successful career and future with our new found knowledge in seeing the future thru Tarot and Numerology. Thank you, our great Masters for the wonderful journey. It’s now a beginning of a new exciting journey.”

-Victor Lee

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