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Formerly known as Renaye and Paul Consultancy Group, we have undergone big transformation in 2017 to create better services for our supportive clients!


Choosing the business name "Alchemy", we believe that this strongly reflects on the various services we provide and our passion to bring positive transformations to people.  

ALCHEMY CONSULTANCY delivers cutting advisory and services, applying traditional wisdom siphoned and made relevant to both individuals and established companies alike since 2001.

From government agencies to conglomerates; professionals or the individual seeking direction, ALCHEMY CONSULTANCY can assist in identifying core issues, repairing leaks, boosting soft skills, recommending solutions and planning your customised course ahead.

We work with people, because we believe that is an invaluable resource for growth in any situation. We have the answers to real business challenges. Our clientele reach; those from Malaysia, Indonesia, Mauritius, Maldives, China and United States, is a testament to the international methodology. What is old can be new once again, if you just know how.

Reinvigorate your business or personal life with us. Meet our team of professionals.

Renaye Chan
Co-Founder, Consultant & Trainer

Co-founder of ALCHEMY, Renaye conducts her consultations with her renowned brand of cheer and candour.


Her affability is only matched by the intense level of insight that has changed the lives of her many clients. Renaye believes empowerment, especially for women, is the way to allow each individual to express their full potential.


Multiple-time radio station speaker, published author, as well as columnist for several publications, Renaye’s knowledge and experience is truly unmatched.

Paul Kek
Co-Founder and Feng Shui Master

Co-founder of ALCHEMY, Paul is the in-house certified Feng Shui Master. Reliable and practical, his methods are known for their ease of implementation.


Opting for minimal changes yet the maximum influence, Paul updates Feng Shui for the modern climate, ensuring businesses and families their best possible environment for abundance.

He has shared his expertise internationally, as well as over several radio appearances, and the Master enjoys seeing the tangible results that happen to his clients.

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